Water Trial Exercise Videos

In the summer of 2017 a group of friends, led by John Brock of Blackwater PWDs got together with the goal of producing a video recording of each exercise in the PWDCA Water Program.  The videos listed below are the result of that project and this valuable resource is most graciously being shared by John with the USSPWDC membership.   One of the goals of the USSPWDC is to increase participation in the PWD Water Program and we hope these videos encourage you to jump in with your PWD! 


USSPWDC has partnered with a merchandise vendor to offer new gear (T-Shirts, hoodies, etc.) with a fresh new PWD Design.  All  proceeds from the sale of merchandise goes directly back into the Club to provide financial support for Water Camps, Fun Days and Performance Events and awards that we offer Club Members throughout the year.  So go shopping!!

Portuguese Water Dog Club of America, Inc

Is the place to go for information on:

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AKC is the go to place for beginner and seasoned PWD dog owners.   Please check out the virtual and live,

  • Obedience,
  • Conformation,
  • Agility
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  • Scent work
  • and multiple venues where you can continue to grow your bond with your PWD. 


If you can no longer keep your PWD please take action thru the PWDCA Rescue Inc program. First step should be to contact the breeder of the dog. PWDCA requires breeders to take back dogs they have bred in the event the dog cannot stay in the home originally placed. If you need help with contact information, or your breeder won’t take back the dog, contact PWDCA Regional Rescue Coordinator Meg DeFore, 772-519-2585,