The USSPWD Club Board Members are voted on during the Annual Meeting held each December.  The purpose of the Board is to guide the future direction of the Club and implement the vision and strategy.  Directors shall each serve no more than two (2) consecutive two (2) year terms.  After which a Director much wait one year before being reelected to the Board.  

USSPWDC is a Non-Profit volunteer organization – we are ALWAYS looking for new people to join in our commitment to support Portuguese Water Dogs, their people and each other. Please click the Contact US button below to reach any of our Board Members or Chair Persons or to get information about volunteering your skills.  

Vickie Baker, Seneca, SC

President and Website

Vickie has owned a PWD since 2004 when she met Izabel.  She is currently being trained by Crew and Zoey and found a happy place when she joined the USSPWD Club in 2016.

Fun Fact:  Vickie and her husband Greg lived in Switzerland in 2010-11 and took their PWD Izabel to the top of Jungfraujoch, the highest rail station in Europe at 11,332 feet.

Marilu Novy, Columbus GA


Marilu began her PWD journey over 20 years ago with Mandy  She joined USSPWD Club in the very beginning.   Her dogs have earned multiple Grand Champions in conformation and titles in agility, obedience, rally and water.  Her family currently  includes   4 PWD’s:  Bee, Hope, Honey and Buzz.

Fun Fact:  Marilu loves her plants, quilts and needlework.

Debbie Jackson, Oldsmar, FL

Secretary and Merchandise Chair

Debbie got her first PWD Maggie  in 2011 after several moves around the country.   Debbie and Husband Tracy currently own two PWDs, Molly and Sophie and they compete in water and conformation. 

Fun Fact:  Debbie used to be a cat person! She always had a cat as a child and did not get a dog until she was grown.

Lizette Wagoner, Celebration FL


Blue, Lizette’s first PWD, joined their family 2016.  Their introduction to the USSPWD came when, Java, joined then in March 2018.  They are grateful for all the support the club has provides.

Fun Fact:  Lizette’s hobbies include camping and growing orchids. She is a Volunteeer and Members of Go Team Crisis and Therapy Dogs.

Karen Childers, Jacksonville, FL

Water Activities Committee Chair

Karen and her husband Gary have been members of the USSPWD Club since 2011 when they got their first PWD.  They currently share their life with PWD’s Sailor and Chilly.

Fun Fact: “I lived in the UK during the mad cow disease outbreak so I am not allowed to donate blood.”

Nancy Nelson, Mill Spring, NC

Communications and Membership Chair

Nancy’s first PWD entered her life in 2005. She and her husband Kent have been Members of the USSPWDC since 2014.  They currently share their life with PWD’s Faith and Diamond

Fun Fact:  ” I have chickens I raised from peeps, 14 of them and they follow me when I take my dogs for a walk. Kinda comical, me, my two PWD’S  and 14 chickens.”

Leigh Stafford, Sarasota, FL

Florida Events Chair

Leigh has been a Member since 2012 and she and husband Landon currently live with three PWDs.  You might see them going down the road with an airstream tagging along.

Fun Fact:  “Leigh had an amazing impromptu vacation in Oman as a result of Arab Spring. Muscat is magical!”

Meg Defore, New Smyrna Beach, FL

Regional Rescue

Meg continues to support the Club as the Regional Rescue Coordinator.  She and Bud share their lives with  Frank, Spark, Sizzle and Steamy

Fun Fact: Meg, Bud and a PWD lived aboard a sailboat for months at a time sailing to the Exumas in the Bahamas. They had a tic event you can ask her about.