USSPWD Club is a non-profit, volunteer  organization.  Thanks to the strong support from our PWD Members over the years, we are able to continue to provide Club sponsored Events to enhance the relationship with our dogs and with each other.  Whether you are a new PWD owner or seasoned we try to offer something for all of our members each year.

Members are eligible for performance awards each year for the Titles they put on their dogs  and are celebrated in an Ad in the Courier Magazine.  Members are invited Events for play days, good food and friendship – hosted by the Club.  Lastly the USSPWD Club members are given priority treatment and discounts when registering / participating in USSPWD Club sponsored events, except where prohibited by sanctioning organizations.  

Join now and become the US in USSPWD Club.



  • Individual – An Individual member has one vote in club elections.
  • Family – A Family membership is any number of people living in the same household. There will be two voting members per family.
  • Qualified Complimentary Members – New puppy owners and those who adopt from PWDCA Rescue will have their dues waived for the first year of membership provided that (1) they have never been members of the USSPWD Club and (2) if obtained from a breeder, the breeder of the prospective member’s puppy is a member of USSPWD Club.  A Qualified Complimentary membership has no voting rights. ( Refer to Policy #4 – Membership Policy information under Bylaws and Policies) 


USSPWDC EVENTS include but are not limited to:

  • Fun Play Days with PWD’s and Friends
  • 6-12 Water Camps each Season in Florida and Georgia 
  • 2 (4 Days) PWDCA Sanctioned Water Trials Annually
  • Every few years USSPWDC co-hosts the Jamboree (2016, 2019, 2020) which has included four days of Water Trials, Obedience (CGC, Trick Dog) Scent Work and AKC Agility ACT 1 and 2
  • USSPWDC  offers our members Performance Awards (Crate Tags) to celebrate their titles
  • Supported Entry for Conformation events 
  • Obedience, CGC, CGCA, Trick Dog