ONE ENTRY FORM FOR EACH DOG YOU ARE ENTERING. Some of the entry information is required, so review the form before you sit down to enter all the information. Review your information for accuracy BEFORE you hit submit.

Please make sure your entry information is accurate, including your dog’s AKC registration number and registered names. Only AKC listed prefix and suffix titles, along with PWDCA suffix titles, should be included in the registered name. If you have any question, go to ‚Äčwww.akc.org and research your PWD under his AKC number and it will give you all his titles etc. The information you provide is used for title/certificate issuance as well as in the PWDCA database of titles earned, so make sure it is correct!

At the Bottom of the Water Trial Entry Form your signature is required stating that you have read and will be bound by the Participation Agreement which can be found by clicking on the button below.