Water Trial Exercises

In the summer of 2017 a group of friends, led by John Brock of Blackwater PWDs got together with the goal of producing a video recording of each exercise in the PWDCA Water Program.  The videos listed below are the result of that project and this valuable resource is most graciously being shared by John with the USSPWDC membership.   One of the goals of the USSPWDC is to increase participation in the PWD Water Program and we hope these videos encourage you to jump in with your PWD! 

*Disclaimer:  These videos are examples of the PWDCA Water Trial Exercises and are not endorsed by the PWDCA.  The dialogue, rules and written instructions for these videos were taken directly from the 2017 PWDCA Water Trial Manual. For more information on these exercises and for a complete list of the rules, refer to the latest version of the PWDCA Water Trial Manual link provided below the image.